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About Megacloud Limited

Who Are We?Megacloud Limited is a tech startup founded in 2018. Since the time of our creation, we have aimed to be one of the most creative and profitable businesses in the market.

What Do We Do?We operate globally through developing premium rate mobile gaming platforms as well as dating services. We specialise in delivering value-added contents as well as premium on-demand infotainment to our customers through online mediums. In order to serve our customers in a better way, we have developed our own billing connections and are working together with companies worldwide.

Where Are We?While physically located in Hong Kong, our products and services stretch across over Europe, Asia, Latin America and beyond.

Why Work With Us?Through our superior products and services, we have expanded our name and are working with over 30 mobile network operators who help deliver our contents to 150,000 and above subscribers globally.

Over 30 Mobile Network Operators

>150,000 Worldwide Subscribers

Products & Services

Currently, we offer two main products and services to our customers:

Mobile Gaming Platform

Our mobile gaming platform offers extremely diverse amount of quality in-house productions that are exclusively created for our service. Our games are internationally critiqued by players worldwide and we only offer the best and most receptive games to our customers.

Dating Service

Our dating service brings a whole new unique perspective to the world of online dating. With a wide range of user profiles and our advanced profile matching mechanism, dating has never been better!


Being completeWe value all-rounded excellence above everything else. In order to stay true to this philosophy of ours, we are connected to each and every major operator, carrier and aggregator within each market that we operate in, providing convenience to our customers through the usage of delivery channels such as SMS, WEB, WAP, empowering our service providers.

We have also worked to support over 55,000 mobile users and are continuing to develop our products, services and ourselves in order to provide a complete and versatile service to our customers.

Added ValueWe want our customers to be satisfied with their purchases. In order to achieve customer satisfaction, company must go beyond what is the bare minimum and create a service that adds value to a customers life.

In order to realise this, we exclusively offer our customers a VAS package that includes free SMS messages, free as well as premium-charged contents, WAP - Enabled download platforms, multi-language and location based support, control of mobile advertisements as well as other utility services. Such VAS strategies have proven a success for us over the years.

AttentivenessOur customer services are there to resolve any problems or enquiries that our customers may raise. From the point of first contact and throughout the entire service path, our agents are ready to support our customers through phone or e-mail, ready with multi-language supports.

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